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Уверенность в том, чем я кормлю свою семью
Confidence in food for my family
Уверенность в том, чем я кормлю свою семью2
Kosilov Andrey NikolaevichG. M.
“Ravis” is one of the biggest agriculture holdings in Ural region.

In 2021 “Ravis” will celebrate a 40-year jubilee.
During all these 40 years “Ravis” was striving to provide everyone with high quality organic products.

People, manufacture, history – that’s what we rely on. By helping people with attention to history and clear view of our future we develop our manufacture. We are grateful that you value and trust us!

40 yearsof technology
Full closed manufacture cycle

“Ravis” provides itself with raw materials. The shortest way is from a field onto a counter.

Ecological manufacture

Our manufactures are fully modernized: we use the same equipment as used in Belgium, Germany and the USA. Since 2002 “Ravis” follows international quality assurance standards.

Poultry keeping we incubate poults and grow broiler chickens
Cattle-breeding providing fattened up hogs and cattle
Plant growing providing poultry with fodder
Manufacture producing finished and semi-finished products
Торговая сеть
Distribution network selling in company-owned shops and through partners
40 yearsof development
We export our products
to China

Since 2019 “Ravis” is an official direct production exporter to China. Today we export chicken hocks, in the future – by-products, wings and broiler chickens. It is about 2,000 tons of products every year

Own dairy brand

“Ravis” doesn’t mean chicken and meat products only.
In 2020, the company plans to launch a dairy plant using
Italian technology with a capacity of 100 tons of milk and
dairy products per day.

40 yearsof tradition
In 2021 “Ravis” turns 40. And it is just the beginning
The first halal products

In 2007 “Ravis” received a halal certificate from the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of the Republic of Tatarstan.

Why do we love halal? Because it means even more health, quality and taste!

40 yearsof care
People are the main value for our company, taking care of people is one of the company's priorities

Basic social policy areas are:

  • Wellness and sports programs
  • Family and child development
  • Support for social and sports facilities
  • Education and human capital development
  • Taking care of company’s veterans
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